Fluorite from Gastein

This article is about a find in the Gasteiner Tal (Gastein Valley) in 2009 and 2010. To begin with, I will give you some basic information about the geography and the geology of the valley:

The Gasteiner Tal is located in the Pongau region in the federal state of Salzburg in Austria. It comprises the Naßfelder Tal (Nassfeld Valley) – coming from the Southwest – and the Anlauftal, which runs eastward. The Gasteiner Tal is about 40 Kilometers long. The two valleys, which constitute the Gasteiner Tal meet in Böckstein, a district of Bad Gastein, a famous touristic community in Austria. The main river is the Gasteiner Ache.

The Gasteiner Tal is the largest side-valley of the Salzachtal – the Salzach in turn being the main river of the federal state of Salzburg.

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Martin GrüllGasteiner Tal
Eisenerz and the styrian Erzberg

Eisenerz with the Styrian Erzberg is very well known to most collectors for it’s fine minerals, some of them belong to the best in the world. Mining has a very long tradition in this area, even the old Romans mined for iron and copper.

 In June 2014 my family and me visited this area to join the landscape, the people and the minerals as well. My kids are currently 6 and 4 years old so they have a good age to combine hiking, adventures and a bit of culture.

 Eisenerz is located in the Austrian county of Styria and surrounded by mountains with a height up to ~2.300 m. The alps in this area are quite spectacular even if there are no glaciers – steep mountains, beautiful lakes and clear water as you can see at the following photos.

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Frederic Aubonney
Spectacular Wulfenite from Iran

In Iran, over 600 deposits and mining areas for lead-zinc is recognized that a few of them like Angouran mine are from those world biggest deposits of lead-zinc. However, it has not been reported yet any deposits of lead and zinc together with molybdenum in Carbonate rocks. Most resources for molybdenum in this country are associated with those deposits known for copper. In the mining region of Kuhbonan-Bahabad in Yazd province, there are many deposits of lead-zinc that the number of these deposits are over 40. Most of these deposits were active long time ago with no determined date.

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Frederic Aubonney
Fluorites from Weisseck, Austria

The Weisseck, 2.711m high; its summit is an alpine wasteland, the landscape conveys loneliness and vastness as well as unspoiled beauty.

It is located in the southeasternmost region of Salzburg, the Lungau. Stretching over an approximately 1.000 km² plateau, the region is surrounded by the Lower Tauerns to the north and west, the Hohe Tauerns to the southwest and the Gurktaler Alps to the south. Following the Zederhaus Valley to its end, the Rieding Valley then branches off to the west. In the north the Mosermandlrises; in the south towers the summit of the Weisseck.

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