Fluorite & Calcite (1032)

Fluorite & Calcite (1032)


Location: Glockenpöhl, Bösenbrunn, Ölsnitz, Vogtland, Saxony, Germany
Size: 136 x 97 x 85 mm

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Fluorite & Calcite (1032)



Glockenpöhl, Bösenbrunn, Ölsnitz, Vogtland, Saxony, Germany


136 x 97 x 85 mm


The locality is located along the road between the village Schönbrunn to Bösenbrunn. Glockenpöhl became famous for a small exceptional discovery - an article in Lapis magazine 07/08 2001 shows a very accurate documentation about this discovery. Never before and never after such amazing material was found at the locality, nothing similar or compare-able was ever discovered not even in the entire, famous region of Schönbrunn or Bösenbrunn. This particular specimen was not only part of this find, it was among the best specimen and came directly from the discoverer to my fried in Munich, who sold it to me after 19 years. It was discovered 9th of December in 2000 from Frank Woldert - if anyone ask me for a documentation and for history of a piece, I think I never had a better one!

At the base of the specimen you can see a huge, well shaped and very glossy pink Calcite aggregate. The matrix above shows a light beige-yellow color - tiny light blue to colorless Fluorite crystals are scattered all over. At the top of the piece you can see a free-standing exposed group of larger main crystals. The largest one is set in the center and up to 30mm on edges. Based on their volume they show a very good saturation - they are sky-blue. The composition of colors - pink Calcite, yellow matrix, blue Fluorites - is really eye-candy and the assemble looks very aesthetic! One minor (about 1mm or even less) damage on one corner is present. The backside is also complete (with one contact at the backside of the main crystal), the specimen is developed as floater and at the lower third of the backside you will find a further Fluorite crystal in nearly the same dimension as the main crystal.

This is really great German classic from a unique discovery and should be high ranked for the exceptional status. Material like this will never come twice - several years ago the quarry was flooded, no collecting is possible since more than a decade.


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