Fluorite & Calcite (1008)

Fluorite & Calcite (1008)


Location: Artenberg quarry, Steinach, Haslach, Black Forest, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Size: 76 x 67 x 65 mm

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Fluorite & Calcite (1008)



Artenberg quarry, Steinach, Haslach, Black Forest, Baden-Württemberg, Germany


76 x 67 x 65 mm


The Artenberg quarry is a small gneiss quarry in Black Forest – one which is still operating (most quarries and mines are closed since decades). Usually it produce Quartz and Calcite. Field collecting is strictly prohibited. Fluorite from the entire area (Black Forest) is generally hard to obtain – most quarries and mines are non-productive. And in quarries like Artenberg access is denied. So generally – Fluorite from Black Forest is really hard to obtain. Usually you can get some broken cubes or tiny crystals.

Artenberg is even more exceptional – there were nearly no Fluorites – and if, not larger than 3 to 5mm. Also the habit is exceptional for the whole region – no cubes, there are octahedral crystals. There was ONE discovery that produced crystals in a size, which is worth to mention. This is one of the best.

The specimen shows one isolated crystal – an octahedron; 23mm across. It is resting on light Calcite crystals (which show a touch of pink color) on gneiss matrix. The crystal shows a pale green color. The faces are on satiny luster and they show micro texture (as you can see on the close-up photo). An outstanding rarity in excellent condition.


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