Baryte (590)

Baryte (590)


Location: Pöhla, Erzgebirge, Saxony, Germany
Size: 85 x 71 x 40 mm

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Baryte (590)



Pöhla, Erzgebirge, Saxony, Germany


85 x 71 x 40 mm


This is an excellent sample of this famous classic locality in the cradle of mining history. The dimension of crystals is far over average, they are very lustrous and sharp terminated and show this dark honey-color, which is typically for the locality. The crystals show good clarity (not flawless and some internal cracks are present, but for this crystal size a very fine quality). Next to quality and dimension there is one more important indicator: the combination with Calcite.
There are several Calcite crystals (habit: Kanonenspat - don´t know how to translate) attachted to some edges and faces. They are all sharp and nearly colorless to white. I know not even a fist full of specimen, which show this combination, so it should be high ranked for rarity.
The assemble is very tridimensional and aesthetic (most specimen I saw from Pöhla consist of intergrwon crystals, so this particular specimen with freestanding main crystal is remarkable). You can show it in various angles. Lower backside/bottom was extracted from the rock.
My resumee: Rare classic locality, exceptional crystal size, good quality.


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