Anglesite (983)

Anglesite (983)


Location: Touissit, Jerada Prov., L'oriental Reg., Morocco
Size: 52 x 41 x 22 mm

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Anglesite (983)



Touissit, Jerada Prov., L'oriental Reg., Morocco


52 x 41 x 22 mm


The best Anglesite worldwide came from - in my opinion. Tsumeb and Morocco. But really fine specimen don´t come very often and the best ones (intense yellow like Sulphur) are very, very expensive (valued for thousands or even ten-thousands). Cheap, but colorless pieces are not really attractive. So it seems that many of us only have the choice between extraordinary expensive beautiful pieces and not really attractive cheap ones. This particular specimen unify attractive honey-like color with good crystal size, luster, aesthetic assemble, very fine luster and for a good price - a nice compromise and affordable. The main crystal raise up nearly vertically in the center of the piece, a second one grew to the front-side and the third main crystal is attached rectangular to the left hand side. All crystals are sharp, they are all end-pointed, all faces are glossy and there is a fine contrast with dark matrix and also with a thin layer of greenish malachite. No significant damages to report.


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