Vivianite (1076)

Vivianite (1076)


Location: Rosia Poieni Mine, Alba co, Romania
Size: 45 x 13 x 6 mm

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Vivianite (1076)



Rosia Poieni Mine, Alba co, Romania


45 x 13 x 6 mm


This specimen is from a recent discovery near Rosia Poieni Mine - this is an active copper mine near famous Rosia Montana (Verespatak). In our evaluation one of the most relevant, the most important discoveries in entire Europe since decades. I think it is even more important than the great finds of realgar in Baia Mare.

The crystal shows the best quality, very high luster and a brilliant clearity. The 3rd photo is thake from the side and you still can look through the crystal. The color is awesome, I would say it's even better than the bolivan ones. The crystal is perfect developed an shows a bit of matrix.


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