Gypsum (533)

Gypsum (533)


Location: Hallstatt salt-mine, Hallstatt, Upper Austria, Austria
Size: 160 x 120 x 80 mm

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Gypsum (533)



Hallstatt salt-mine, Hallstatt, Upper Austria, Austria


160 x 120 x 80


The location of Hallstatt is something very special. It belongs to the world-heritage areas because of it's long and rich history. Humans are living in this aera since 7.000 year now. But why? What is so special about a a small spot next to a lake in the alps (see photo Hallstatt)?
It is salt! Salt is the reason people are living there for so long.
The Hallstatt salt-mine is the oldest and longest producing mine on the planet, 7.000 years of mining! The mine is very exciting ofr archeologists also as some very old and famous thing have been found there - preserved by the salt. For exmaple in 2003 the oldest wooden ladder was in Europe found (it is now 3.350 years old!). As you can see this area is full of history.
As you can see the specimen is in fine condition. Hundreds of very fine, lustrous crystals are on the whole front of the item. the gyspum is mostly clear with fine termination. Looking closer you can see that some crystals are bended, very cool I think.
So this is very historic stuff from an important location.


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