Fluorite (547)

Fluorite (547)


Location: Farm Bergsig, Hohenstein, Erongo Mts., Namibia
Size: 52 x 41 x 42 mm

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Fluorite (547)



Farm Bergsig, Hohenstein, Erongo Mts., Namibia


52 x 41 x 42 mm


This is from a famous discovery, which produced a low number of specimen crystalized in a spezial habit - „spinell-law“. I show two photos with dark background – one of front-display, one of reverse. The color is light blue to lavender. Along the edges you can see dark zones, which tend more to violet. The crystal is resting on a small white plate of Feldspat. As you can see it is complete all around. The third photo on light background should help to show the color in a very natural way, done under daylight.
The crystal shows a very good dimension for this discovery and the habit represents a great rarity. It looks fine in each angle and it´s undamaged. One small contact to the left hand side at the base.


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