Copper, Malachite (1077)

Copper, Malachite (1077)


Location: Zwickau, Saxony, Germany
Size: 60 x 55 x 30 mm

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Copper, Malachite (1077)



Zwickau, Saxony, Germany


60 x 55 x 30 mm


I obtained this specimen many years ago, because my focus was on minerals from Saxony only. And I was very happy to find such a fine, rich copper-specimen from a classic location in Saxony. Items like this are very rare, such rich copper clusters were never common. This one shows the full "history" of it's origin. The copper is very fine crystallized at the specimens top and has very well visible interaction with the matrix. Also a significant stone is attached near the top. Some areas are covered by a thin layer of malachite which is increasing the contrast. The item is free of damage and free standing.


€ 250,–