Calcite (456)

Calcite (456)


Location: Daye, Huangshi Pref., Hubei Prov., China
Size: 92 x 69 x 41 mm

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Calcite (456)



Daye, Huangshi Pref., Hubei Prov., China


92 x 69 x 41 mm


The main crystal is in the center of the matrix, it is surrounded by matrix all around. The crystals shows very sharp termination, it is complete and highly lustrous all around – no contacts or chips, just perfect in each angle. The color is not just yellow, it is deep intense amber like color. This gorgeous crystal is 67mm wide and 40mm tall!!!

On first photo you can see some zones with white flakes inside the crystal, I wanted to capture some internal reflections which look like nacre in person. I am not sure if it looks good on the image and if you get an idea of what I mean, without seeing the specimen in person. So I did a second photo without this reflections. In person it looks great. One smaller crystal is attached backside and tiny one (only about 1cm) at the base of lower backside. The impression of such a large crystal in this color and quality is simply superb.


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