Amethyste (511)

Amethyste (511)


Location: Kwa Noebele, Magaliesberg Mountain Region, South Africa
Size: 87 x 63 x 47 mm

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Amethyste (511)



Kwa Noebele, Magaliesberg Mountain Region, South Africa


87 x 63 x 47 mm


First of all: this one was nearly impossible to photograph and although it looks fine on photography it is SIGNIFICANT better in person. When you look at this material, you will find hundreds of pale violet specimen, which all show just a touch of Amethyste-color. When I saw this specimen first, I fell in love with it within a heart-beat. This color is so amazing and so exceptional for South Africa. I always like this „cactus“-called variety, but I never acquired material, because of the poor color. It must be one under thousand, that show such incredible dark color, comparable with best color from Namibia or Mexico.
All crystals are very lustrous and show razor sharp termination. On both sides it is framed with light matrix, which helps to give a lot of contrast to the piece. The assemble is very tridimensional – not just a plate, the larger crystals are very exposed. No significant damages to report.


€ 480,–