Amethyste (1001)

Amethyste (1001)


Location: Kato Nevrokopi, Drama Pref., Greece
Size: 64 x 35 x 26 mm

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Amethyste (1001)



Kato Nevrokopi, Drama Pref., Greece


64 x 35 x 26 mm


For me one of the most interesting and probably best Amethyste localities in Europe. This material looks so similar to alpine stuff from Tyrol. I don’t know if anyone read the article in Lapis magazine about the locality, several specimen from the locality were published - old ones, but also pieces from recent discoveries and not even one was as good as the particular specimen. In fact I know not even a fist full of specimen on the same high level. Many specimen are damaged or contacted - overall many, many compromises on more than 90% of all pieces.

So what we have here is a well shaped, sharp terminated zepter with good color without damages or contacts in a remarkable dimension. I mean 64mm is really tall for this quality! I show one photo under daylight and a second with minor backlight to bring out the internal color of the smoky quartz and to show the contrast of colors between Amethyste and Smoky. Again - very showy in various positions, even the backside is amazing. No signifcant damages to report.


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