Fluorite, Quartz (712)


Erongo Mts., Erongo Reg., Namibia


6,4 x 4,4 x 3,0 cm


The „matrix“ consists of glossy crystalized Quartz. Right in the center you can see one isolated Fluorite crystal, which is 23mm on edges. The crystal shows tiny steps and modifications along edges and corners, the faces feature a nice texture. The color os this crystal is dark emerald green and it has very good translucency. In the center you can see a sharp terminated yellow phantom – it needs moderately backlight to see the yellow color of the phantom. One photo ("a") shows the specimen with minor backlight, the second photo ("b“) shows the specimen without backlight – you still see the amazing green color and you also recognize the phantom, but not the yellow color. The assemble is really very fine, isolated crystals are quite rare, then you have the vivid color and the contrast to Quartz.


420 Euro

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