Fluorite (727)


Goescheneralp, Uri, Switzerland


5,1 x 4,5 x 2,5 cm


In August 2016 a swiss Strahler made an excellent find. He was working in the area of Goescheneralp for years. Until August he could not find some attractive Fluorite this area is famous for.
But one day he was lucky, more than lucky! He found a small cleft which produced a limited number of Fluorite. The quantity was low, but this was balanced by the quality. Have a look at the last photo: the crystals in the Strahlers hands, fresh from the mountain.
Even in this stadium you can see the quality. All crystals were floaters without matrix. They must have been fallen off during the process of lifting the mountains millions of years ago. All crystals are perfect recrystallized on the backside, no rock-contacts are visible.
The surface: slightly to strong etched.
The color: amazing red color in the center. The special thing about this find is the colorless zones in the outer areas. This fact is seperating these crystals from other finds in this area.
The size: huge! The average size of this area are 2 cm, larger crystals are rare and this one is 5,1 cm large! Plus: the color is changing in daylight and artificial light.


1.400 Euro

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