Calcite (704)


Dalen-Kjörholt Mine, Kjörholt, Brevik, Telemark, Norway


10,9 x 6,8 x 7,7 cm


The specimen shows sharp terminated phantom-crystals up to 7 (!!!)cm. The main crystals show a really crazy habit: scalenohedrons with a second generation of prismatic habit at their top and dark phantoms inside. The crystals are colorless and very clear. The main crystal shows 4 highly lustrous sides and two sides with satiny luster, which makes it look very tridimensional, caused by the contrast of faces.
Right to the main crystal, which shows scalenodron habit (like all other smaller crystals) you can see a prismatic, hexagonal crystal. The assemble is really great – the main crystal raise up vertically, the second larger crystal at the base grew horizontal from base to front. So the position of the two largest crystals formed an „L“ like assemble.
The entire group is resting on small matrix at the backside and bottom. Looks very nice in various positions. No significant damages to report.


1200 Euro

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