Aquamarine, Schorl, Fluorite (542)


Hohenstein, Erongo Mts, Erongo Reg., Namibia


5,2 x 4,6 x 2,7 cm


The main crystal is about 5 cm tall in 3,8 cm in diameter. It is sharp terminated and all faces (as well end-point) are highly lustrous. The color is very dark and intense, at the top you can see (third image in gallery with light background) and sharp zoning, also the upper section of the crystal is really gemmy. The matrix consists of Feldspat, some Schorl crystal seem to frame the Aquamarine crystal. A couple of pale green Fluorite crystals are attachted, they are dull and show violet zoning along edges and corners. No significant damages to report.


888 Euro

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